What is a Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a manipulative therapy that focuses on ensuring that your body’s nervous system works at its optimum level. Everything in the body is controlled by the nervous system, so any impairment affects the communication with the muscles, joints or organs leading to decreased function. On a mechanical level, this manifests as weak muscles and poor reflexes such as balance.

If your body doesn’t detect forces and movement correctly it is prone to get injured. This leads to compensation and further injury, eventually manifesting as aches and pains or wear and tear. Chiropractic care removes the interference to the nerves allowing you to heal and function correctly. So Chiropractic helps you to achieve the best conditions possible for optimal health.

Even the most valuable Stradivarius violin needs tuning. Out of tune it would still look great, to look at you’d feel nothing was wrong and yet when played the tune would be recognisable but wouldn’t be un-enjoyable, even painful. This is representative of a poorly functioning human nervous system in that the message (or sound) gets through but it isn’t accurate and therefore the end result is not the best performance. You would feel this as pain or weakness along or at the end of the affected nerve path.

Chiropractic facilitates healing within the nervous system by finely adjusting the spine with high speed and low depth force through joints in the body, providing a comfortable and non-invasive form of care.

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